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The 8FLiX Film & Television Photo Galleries are filled with quality pictures from movies and TV shows. All of the images in our library are professionally shot. And, 8FLiX PiX curates and posts only the best of the bunch. These great shots are free to download and post for your own personal enjoyment!

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Over the years, the 8FLiX Film & Television Photo Galleries have amassed over 50,000 pictures! You'll find great fantastic images from your favorite, and maybe not so favorite, movies and TV shows.

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With more than 50,000 photos ready to be seen, we've only just begun! Do you want to see photos and screenshots from a movie or TV show? Let us know!

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8FLiX Scripts has a growing collection of feature film screenplays and TV teleplays! Every script you see, is free! The 8FLiX Scripts library is free to use! You can read and download any time, any place. If you're an amateur screenwriter, reading screenplays is the very best way to learn how the professionals do it.

If you're just a STAN who just loves everything about, "Stranger Things", "The Avengers", "Harry Potter", or "Euphoria", then you're also welcome at 8FLiX Scripts!

We Pay For Your Behind the Scenes Snaps

Walking through downtown Atlanta and spot Finn Wolfhard? Taking a stroll through the streets of Toronto and bump into Will Smith? Or maybe you live in Los Angeles or London and recognize that actress from that show you can never remember the name of?

Well, have we got a deal for you! Professional and amateur photographers are welcome to submit their shots and videos for remuneration consideration! We'd love to add it to our Pinterest and Instagram portfolios! And if your snaps are top-quality, it will join the 8FLiX PiX Collection!

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